Kenya Day 1

Not exactly in Kenya yet, but the first leg of the journey is over. Amsterdam is sunny, and foreign. We left under a bright "super" moon from Boston and were greeted early this morning by a beautiful green North Sea and a large offshore windfarm.  The flight was relatively quick. The sunrise came 500 mph faster than usual. But everyone is in good spirits, especially to find out UConn has made it to the sweet sixteen.



"Amsterdam at 7:30 am. "

 "Minutes from touchdown."

"The "super" moon somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean."

It's a good group I'm with; Bo Mack from Mack Brick, the oldest family-owned business operating in CT – since 1830; Nick Bokron from Omar Coffee, assisting in green coffee procurement; Michael Silvestrini, president and co-founder of Greenskies Renewable Energy, a start-up solar power company who has previously worked with the peace corps in Mali West, Africa; Martha Page, the executive director of Hartford Food Systems, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to food security programs, policy and advocacy since 1978;  Wynd De Shaw Harris, director of the UConn Business School learning accelerator for Community Outreach and Public Engagement (Scope); and David O'Keefe, our group leader, founder of Collaborative Opportunities International, LLC.

Everyone is eager to arrive in Kenya. Although we are being sent as mentors, I feel we will come away learning as much as the people we are teaching.



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  1. GOod luck Chesh…
    keep the posts coming..