Social Media

May 15

Google’s Updates Have Advertisers Geeking Out!

Google recently announced that not only will it soon be flaunting a slick new mobile interface, but it will also be releasing even more robust analytics and tools to further optimize its Adwords platform. The announcement, as expected, has Adwords advertisers from around the world geeking out hardcore! (GO included.) These necessary upgrades to enhance mobile usability are sure to keep the almighty Google sitting pretty atop its throne, continuing its reign as the number one search engine in the world.

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Apr 14

UConn Huskies’ Tweet Heard ‘Round The Country.

When the seventh-seeded UConn Huskies beat fourth-seeded Michigan State, officially busting President Obama’s bracket, we, alongside the Marketing Department for UConn Athletics, decided to take advantage of this opportune moment to tweet @BarackObama.

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Jan 14

Infographic: Social Media Sites of 2014

There are many businesses out there that believe their brand should be active on social media, but aren’t exactly sure which sites would work best to satisfy their business’s marketing initiatives. Below is an infographic created by a company named Leverage that nicely sums up the advantages of having a presence on each of the popular social platforms that are expected to thrive in 2014.

We would love to know which of these sites (if any) your brand is currently utilizing and if there are any you would add to this list.

Nov 13

Four Manly Alternatives to Pinterest

Take away the wedding dresses, baking recipes, and the millions of adorable kittens. Now substitute those with pictures of expensive cars and watches, sports related content, and scantily clad babes. (Now we’re talking.) The following four sites allow the manliest of men to discover, share, and even purchase all things manly without the feminine overload.

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Sep 13

How You Could Be Tweeting Personal Information Without Knowing It

Five hundred million users passionately tweet day after day with no clue as to what additional information their tweets carry. The seven-year-old microblogging platform has become a virtual sandbox for Linguists to sift through and analyze chains of tweets extracting much more than personal thoughts, hashtags, and links. Continue reading →

Sep 13

A 3D Animated Photo-Filtering App

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Apr 13

The New Standard for Customer Service

This year’s Boston Marathon should have been like any other – a celebration of accomplishment, shared by friends and family.

Then the unexpected happened. In an instant, chaos and confusion overwhelmed the area. There was disbelief, fear and questions.

This is the predicament that our very own Art Director, Jason Cheshire was faced with Monday afternoon while attending the Boston Marathon. Luckily, he and his friends had been a block away at their hotel when the horrible incident occurred. However, quickly after the attacks Boston went into lockdown mode. All city cell towers had been shut down. Calling anyone was virtually impossible. There wasn’t enough bandwidth left, with all the media broadcasting, to seek out answers on the social-sphere. Communication was key and texting seemed to be the only option.
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Oct 12

Top Ten Most Liked Facebook Pages

Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has a reason to pop out his most expensive bottle of bubbly today. Gaining 45 million new users since this past July, Facebook has officially hit 1 billion active Facebook users!
So in honor of Facebook’s incredible achievement we thought it would be cool to look up the top ten most liked facebook pages. According to digital marketing influencer, Jeff Bullas, as of September 4th 2012, the following ten pages have the most Facebook fans.
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Jul 12

The New Facebook Stalker

This post can be considered an addendum to rule #4, Photo No No’s, which is stated in our official Facebook of Etiquette.
There’s a new breed of Facebook stalkers. I’m not referring to those individuals you briefly encounter at networking events and then request to be your friend later that day. Instead, I’m talking about a specific breed that can make or break your ever so delicate career…your potential future employers and clients.
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